Rajski Staw

Our charming Bed & Breakfast house is surrounded by the marshes and wetlands of two last untamed rivers, the Biebrza and Narew. There is an old oxbow lake next to our houses which was named the „Paradise Pond” – an old fragment of Narew river. Nature created here an intimate shelter for both animals and us. We share it with beavers, raccoon dogs. For those explorers who come to Biebrza National Park to watch wildlife of Poland there are of course hundreds of birds to see, all around. Here you can find great snipes, herons, storks, cranes, geese, rollers, woodpeckers, aquatic warblers, golden orioles, hoopoes, swans, owls and a number of flying predators – like greater spotted eagle. The wetlands beside the house host lapwings, ruffs, corncrakes and godwits every Spring. That’s why birdwatching and nature fotography here is so exciting. There’s no need to go outside. It is enough to stay calm, listen and look. Every season of the year defines the beauty of nature in a different way: after the explosion of life in Spring, the lazy Summer comes, lingers and then disappears along with the cranes and geese. Autumn brings the love song of deer and elk, beavers gathering their food; then the silence of the white Winter comes and soon the cranes return again with the hope of Spring… Welcome to „Rajski Staw” B&B.

Rajski Staw - Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne


We are very happy to invite our guests to nice and cozy double, triple and quadruple rooms with private bathrooms.

Accommodation price – 70 PLN/person/day
Accommodation price in a room for use by one person – 90 PLN/day

Public holidays:
Accommodation price – 80 PLN/person/day
Accommodation price in a room for one person – 100 PLN/day

Children under 2 – free of charge.
Children aged 2-6 – 50% discount.

Breakfasts can be provided by prior arrangements for PLN 30/person.